Hi there.  I’m Raya – graphic designer, content stylist and creative solopreneur.

Hello, friend.

Get to know me better.



I began blogging way back in 2013 when I was working full time and needed a creative outlet. Blogging was it for me, as well as creating beautiful content.


I started a small blog about DIY/ Beauty/ Fashion/ Lifestyle (seriously, it was all over the place!). It was cheesy and no one read it, not even my mom. Fast forward to 2017 and I’d like to think my online presence has drastically evolved (at the least – I taught myself how to use WordPress and bought my own domain!)


In 2016 I started Beauty & the Beach where I shared my passion for healthy lifestyle and nutritious recipes. It gave me the platform to talk about my health and fitness journey and hopefully – inspire others in the process.


What this experience taught me was that:

1. Blogging is A LOT of work!

2. I have a passion for creating beautiful and helpful content.

Other things I'm deeply passionate about? - PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & GRAPHIC DESIGN.

Which brings us to the blog you’re currently on.


Before I entered the blogosphere, my day job as a Learning & Development professional involved coaching people how to become more productive, stress-free and overall – better versions of themselves.


Later on I:

  • Studied to become an MBTI practitioner (which in simpler words means I got certified in the art of helping others understand themselves better)
  • Read every self-help book out there worth reading (and some not worth reading at all)
  • Got introduced to meditation and yoga practice
  • Started keeping a journal
  • …and most importantly – turned myself into a morning person after being a night owl all my life.


All of these experiences benefited me so much that I felt I needed to rave to other people about them and pass on the knowledge I had!


And so Millennial Sidekick was born.

On my blog

I love sharing organization ideas, productivity hacks and personal development advice on achieving that balance, harmony, order and beauty so you can live your best life.


Oh, did I also mention? – I create printable organizers and planners, diaries, to-do lists and gratitude journals – you name it, I (most probably) have it!

Feel free to take a look around in the SHOP and FREEBIES section and you might find the perfect match made in planner heaven.